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Jian and Moki in Jajulu
Jian and Moki in Jajulu

*NOTE: I've decided to re-write and re-draw this comic because I wasn't happy with it. Sorry! I'll be back with a new version soon. ~~~ OLD description: ~~~ Star Eyes is the story of Jian and Laiel, 2 friends from 2 different worlds- a secret underground civilization of magic and abundance, and the decaying dystopian metropolis on the surface. After Jian is captured and taken away by the government, they meet again 7 years later and fall in love on the eve of a prophesized apocalypse. ~~~ Part 1 is when Jian and Laiel first meet as kids, and is a tale of friendship and innocent first love within a dark and dreary world. Part 2 is when Jian and Laiel reunite by chance at university 7 years later, and Laiel makes it his mission to help Jian return to the land of Jajulu against all odds.


August 6th, 2017, 9:19 pm

Cosmic Candy

I've been thinking...

I kind of, sort of, want to re-start the comic with “Part 1″ as only a flashback / montage, but a semi-detailed one, in full color... it's just... although I do enjoy drawing Jian and Laiel interacting when they're kids- it's cute and all- I'm just not sure if I feel like drawing 100+ pages of that... it's not really what I envisioned when I created these characters first as adults... At my slow drawing pace, the current Part 1 would take me forever to complete, and I keep getting stuck in depressive ruts... I'm going to take a (short?) break to think things over... I did kind of rush into this comic without heavily developing it; I outlined the entire story as a summary, but that's about it. So... I'm going to try making a new outline and decide if I like it more than the old one...

Edit: Thanks for the suggestions and ideas, I've been thinking about all my options... Sooo, I currently have 2 different versions of the story I’m considering... one is close to the original except that the childhood parts are more montaged/ flashbacked (so that the pages I have are still canon)... But the other variation of the story would render the current pages obsolete because it would be a re-write... I wonder if my readers would be disappointed if I went with the new version... ^^;; Waugh... Oh well, I’ll just continue thinking things over for now. I might take a longer break than expected... a hiatus until Sept or Oct or something... I’m sorry. u_u I’m just... not happy with the current version of Star Eyes and need to develop my ideas more.


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